The core of the concrete factories is the fact that by weighing the weight of various types of stone materials, cement and powder, and water, and their composition and mix, they become concrete into each other.

Stone Crusher

In different areas,they are using this industrial machines for the production of graded materials and turning rocks with various sizes into stones with standard sizes …

Block creation

Used to produce cement blocks that are made by batching mortars, this machine has anti-curing molds and is interchangeable.

Electrical panel

An important part of a plant that runs into different parts of the soul unit is to execute the order we want. Sometimes, due to the complexity of the device, PLC circuits should be used.

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Kian Industrial Group “manufacturer of sand and crushed stone installations” with over 10 years of experiences in the construction and service of concrete, screw conveyor, mixer, conveyor and sand installations, electrical panels and related equipment machineries is prepared to Provide all services in this field.

We are the best inBatching stone crusher block creationelectrical panel

Kian Batching has always been trying to provide the best and most quality services by using the most equipped and up-to-date machinery in the field of concrete production, screw transfer, mixer, conveyor and sand installations, and electrical equipment assembly.

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این متن آزمایشی شرکت فناوری اطلاعات راهبر است که برای پرکردن فضای پاراگراف نوشته ها استفاده می گردد. متن اصلی شما در هر زمان که نیاز باشد میتواند جایگزین این متن شود

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